Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dreaded First Post

Well, here 'tis. My first blog post. Funny how you can spend hours--days?--trying to decide on the layout of a blog. The colors, fonts, "gadgets." (I really like the gadgets.) But as for the content? Not a whole lot of thought has gone into that part yet. (Can you tell? The title is, afterall, "Witty Title Here.") I've had ideas. I'd like to hope I have some interesting things to say, but I don't think I can be one of those bloggers who writes about one certain topic every day.

My first thought was to write about music. Music is a love of mine. My biggest. It seems like every other day, I find a band or song I've never heard before, but kind of like. And despite this and the fact that I visit music sites every day, attend concerts fairly regularly, and am what Fools & Horses (more on them later, I'm sure) call their intern, I don't think this blog would be very good if it was only about music. Maybe it won't be good either way.

Another thought was pop culture in general. Pop culture interests me, to an extent. I spend way too much time on YouTube, and was just on Failblog for about an hour. I indulge in a plethora, a MYRIAD, of pointless websites. But why only post things other people have already posted?

Maybe my blog could be about the trials and tribulations of a college student-- "Dweller of the Dorms." Innovative. I could write about how, in the middle of writing this blog, my suitemate/friend came to visit. In the five minutes she was here, I discovered a piece of a Cool Ranch Dorito in my bellybutton. I showed it to my suitemate. She told me not to eat it (this hadn't crossed my mind until she mentioned it), so I ate it. Soon afterwards, said suitemate left to poop in our shared toilet. Ah, dorm life.

Honestly, most blogs are probably completely irrelevant. I know there are lots of writers out there starting a blog hoping it'll maybe somehow capture the attention of tens, then hundreds, then thousands of followers, and then, before they know it, they're being interviewed on Good Morning America. Well, it doesn't get much better than that. But, I'm not one of those bloggers. I doubt I'll get more than ten followers, like... ever. Luckily, this is mostly for my own enjoyment. My creative release, if you will.

So, I think I'll write about all of these things and more. Post the occasional link, photo, video, whatever I find important or stupidly funny. And when I'm feeling self-indulgent, I'll write about myself, damnit. 'Cause I can.


  1. Hi Cassie. First comment on your first blog entry - I feel honored! :)

    "Cause I can" is always a good reason, I like it! Good luck with the blogging.


  2. Thanks so much for the comment, Claudia! I'd totally follow your blog, except... I can't read it. =P

    P.S. Tell everyone at the boards "hello." I haven't been able to login for about two days now. I'm experiencing major withdrawal.

  3. Hey I saw you're back on the board, that's great :) That sucks it didn't warn you about your membership expiring... I wonder when it will happen to me, I have no idea!

    Oh and sorry 'bout the German - well I don't think you're missing out on that much ;)

  4. Hmm that was me again btw. Why didn't it desplay my name like the last time?