Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give Me a Break

Today was almost unsettling-ly productive for me (and by that, I mean I went to the gym and got a couple of short assignments done), so I decided I'd really go out on a limb and write for my loyal followers. Or, well, follower. Am I entering over-achiever territory? Possibly. I don't know how I feel about that. I'll let you (you, one reader) know.

Spring Break officially came to an end this past Sunday night, and I was nowhere near ready for it. I had one of the most relaxing and un-productive breaks ever, and it was lovely. Anything to get off-campus, I'm there. I went with the family and my friend, Jessica, to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Jess and I drove separately from my mom, step-dad, two little sisters and one dog, while we took the other dog. Rooooad triiiiip!

Jessica is a great person to drive long distances with. Last summer, we took what should have been a 3 or 4 hour trip to Richmond, VA to see Gavin DeGraw. It took us 6 hours. In stop-and-go traffic pretty much the entire way. You'd think with my panic of realizing I had forgotten my ticket and our collective panic as to whether we'd make it to the show on time, it was a miserable trip. However, it was a very fun bonding experience. We sang along to our staple CDs the whole way there. And we made it with an hour to spare, sitting down to a nice dinner beforehand. The venue so kindly looked me up and printed out another ticket, free of charge.

This road trip was similarly great. Our backs hurt a little more by the end of it, but the iPods lasted the whole way. And, after a scary near-collision on the highway (not my fault), we thought how comically tragic it would've been to die listening to Fools & Horses' "Wide-Eyed Wonder" ("It's a wide-eyed wonder why, oh why, you didn't die...") without anyone ever knowing. The drive really made me realize, though, that I love being on the road. Whether it's with someone else or just me, I love driving. Most importantly, with an endless supply of music. It's good therapy and the best way to keep your mind off of anything.

As for the OBX vacation itself-- well, it was just what I needed: time away from school and human beings in general. (It really felt like we were the only ones there.) There was some rain, and Jess became germ-infestedly sick at one point, but both the sky and Jess' throat cleared up, and by the last day, we got a beautiful day on the beach and pedicures to boot. Ha! Pun intended.

Luckily, coming back to school wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm ready to start planning my summer by looking for jobs and internships, registering for classes, finding cheap furniture for my soon-to-be apartment, and maybe even squeezing in another short vacation. I think I'll wear one of the summer dresses I bought in N.C. to get in the mindset, even if it's still 40 degrees out.

Currently Listening To: "Amie" - Damien Rice

Maddy rides up front.

Sisters torture Iris.

Jess gets tipsy off one drink.

I freeze.
Much better.

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