Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Little Put-Off

You know you’ve got a procrastinating problem when you put off doing something that was created with the intent of using it as a procrastination tool. Fail.

I’m talking about this here blog, of course. What “blogger” writes on Thursday and doesn’t post again until the following Wednesday? Six whole days? Now I’ll never get on Good Morning, America. Damn.

It’s not even that I haven’t had anything to write about. There were several points in the past almost-week where I had an Oprah “aha!” moment and thought of a potential topic. Instead, however, I decided to put this off (as well as a school assignment or two) and browse the Gavin DeGraw fan club message boards instead. (Side note: New Gavin album March 31st!)

What’s worse is that in posting this entry about basically nothing, I’m actually putting off writing a real post with actual content. Did you notice that? Probably not. Because no one reads this. So no one noticed. Oh, the lonely life of a blogger.

If you ARE reading this, you’re probably procrastinating, too. I do the same thing—after visiting and re-visiting all of my usual websites, I end up on some incredibly random site that’s really not that interesting but, well… it beats developing time management skills and getting work done ahead of time.

Since this post is coming to an end and you’re wondering what to do next, here’s a video, courtesy of about five people I know now, to watch over and over. Related videos are fun, too.

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