Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello, friends.

It's Saturday and I am snowed in at my boyfriend's house. Can't make it safely off his road, nor would I likely be able to make it up the hill of my complex once I got there anyway. Plans for tonight are postponed. So, I'm enjoying a day in my sweatpants browsing the web and writing a bit while John's practicing and recording tracks downstairs.

I just got off the phone with Lee Ann, my dad's girlfriend of 3+ years, who so generously extended the use of her timeshare to both me and John for a spring break getaway. Browsing through all the possible locations (Mexico, the Carribean, South America, Greece, Canada, Denmark, etc.) makes me anxious to get out of this snow! The thought of going to Canada for spring break cracks me up. No, thank you.

The options are overwhelming, though. There are tons of places to choose from, but there's so much to take into consideration. Like plane ticket costs. Holy crap, will that affect this decision. They're not cheap. Everyone wants to get away.

I'm starting to get overwhelmed here. I'd rather be writing, but inspiration is falling to the wayside. Will someone (Rachel? McKenzie?) tell me what inspires them? Is it puppies? Clear skies? The beaches of Puerto Plata? Blah...


  1. I am pretty jealous right now... what a perfect thing to anticipate! (But good luck deciding. I don't know how I'd go about doing that.) And inspiration? Hmm... usually music is able to trigger something. I normally go for something pretty folksy, but sometimes it's fun to listen to Aphex Twin or Secret Chiefs (Jamie introduced me to both). Something more ambient but dynamic might be good for your writing. Lighting is really important too. I like to have as much of it as possible. If you're still lacking in motivation, you might try aesthetic-blog-surfing. Fine Little Day is a nice one. And usually after browsing for thirty minutes I get sick of OBSERVING the results of other people doing something productive and the juices start flowing. Now go do it!!! :)

  2. G R E E C E . this really shouldn't be a question ... oh man. i seriously would love to honeymoon there; it's a new dream to rent a boat and sail around the coast. it's one of those places you really can never get sick of. ponder it :)