Thursday, January 28, 2010


(Text below)

I am lucky.

I am lucky to be able to say that I have many best friends. Each of these "best friends" are very different from one another, and yet, somehow, they are all my best friends. Best friends best friends best friends. Have I said it enough?

One of my best friends is also my roommate, Justine. We just watched The Notebook together, and it got me all happy, then down, because it's kind of wonderful and depressing. (Really, though, it never gets old. Especially deleted love scenes. Oh my.) So, in order to lift my spirits, I asked another best friend (Rachel, my longest bestest friend) what I should write about. She said that I should write about her (of course). I do think that it is wonderful that we can be so close despite the fact that we can go several days without talking, and several months without cuddle-wuddling.

So, in honor of best friends, here's a photographic post dedicated to those special dears in my life. And here's to blog posts done half-assedly due to the blogger having to be up in six hours.


  1. perfection. tomorrow's blog will be this, repeated, but through my eyes. you'll be quoted, of course. cassie .. i love you :)

  2. Okay. So I'm struggling here. The third from the bottom. Is that you and me? I don't recognize that purse! (It might be Sasha's?) But the bathroom looks like the creepy one from when we went horseback riding so long ago. Is that it? It's driving me nuts. And were you even with me when we rode horses? I might have made a funny bathroom memory up. And that's bad.

  3. Yeah, it's you and me! From when we went horseback riding. We all braided our hair and laughed because Joey got the huge Clydesdale or whatever? I remember that being a special bathroom time. I was happy when I stumbled across it in my files, because it reminds me so much of the other one I posted where we're in my bathroom laughing. :)

    GOD we have spent so much time together in various bathrooms! Aside from those two instances, I can think of another handful of times easily.