Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderhole

As I would imagine the whole world should know, Maryland and the surrounding states are experiencing a natural disaster of sorts. I've done everything I should do for the past five days: read, write, sleep, sled, wear sweatpants, wear slippers, wear my Snuggie, drink hot chocolate, and drink beer.

But this is getting ridiculous.

I haven't been to school since my last blog post a week ago, though I should say that I don't have Thursday or Friday classes. But alas, the semester just started! Going back will be a slap in the face for teachers and students alike, though we may never go back at this point. Because, really, what is the point? We get a week off in March for Spring Break. And May isn't a full month anyway. April will be the only full month of the whole semester, unless something awesome and/or terrible happens then, too. I'm all for it.

Because, though I am going a little stir crazy, you know, this too shall pass. And in April, when it's too warm for snow days but definitely too cold for all this snow to have melted (it WILL still be here in June, folks), we'll be wishing for any excuse not to be doing what we should be doing-- uh, learning.

Funny, though, that this should happen during the first semester I've been excited about in a while. Not last semester, no no, when I had evil teachers and 15-page papers. C'est la vie and some crap, ya know? Murphy's Law? Sure.

Meanwhile, John's cats are even exhibiting signs of cabin fever as they continuously fight, meow non-stop to be let outside (only to decide Screw that!), and follow me to the bathroom. These little things are entertainment enough to not be completely out of my mind. Yet.


  1. Ya know I really really loved my snow day last week. But I woke up the next morning thinking, that if I had to spend another whole day in my apartment I might have jumped out the window. I love spending time at home but even I have a level of tolerance for myself!

  2. Oh yeah. You know it's bad when you start annoying yourself!

    Hmm, I think I just paraphrased a Pink song there.