Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

But I've had other things to worry about since my last post over a month ago. Like my trip to California, $1,500 car repairs, and my general inability to sleep. I refuse to complain once again about my insomnia to anyone but a doctor, so I'll just say it's been interesting. Each night, as I toss and turn until 4 a.m. or so, I do a lot of thinking. I have plenty of time to collect tidbits of inspiration for my novel, so that's nice. Tons of writers have been known to be crazy, so maybe that's the path I'm headed down. Good! I'll be legitimately awesome in no time, then.

As for the car, after two straight weeks of not driving it, and after a total of $1,500 being spent on new brakes, alignment issues, and tires, I got a speeding ticket and two points on my license. Yessss. Don't depend on your cuteness to get out of 'em, ladies. Doesn't always work. Will hope for better in the courtroom. (A male or lesbian judge would be preferable.)

Of course, this is coming from someone who "flatters" herself. According to a classmate of mine, anyway. As I'm walking toward the parking garage coming from class this evening, eager to get home and have a dinner of leftovers at 9:30, I'm approached by a classmate who has quickened his pace to catch up with me. He starts up a conversation, innocently enough, and I'm happy to talk. But I'm already starting to think how I'm going to insert the "I have a boyfriend" thing into the conversation. Because I think most people agree that when a dude comes up to a chick to ask, "So do you like that class?" (or, "Do you come to this bar often?" or "Do you want to come back to my place?") that he is interested in more than just a one-time small talk incident. Maybe I'm close-minded, but I think of this as generally agreed upon.

So as we're about to part ways, he thanks me for talking with him and says he's wanted to do so for some time. My opportunity! Well that's nice of you, I say. But I do have a boyfriend. You know, if that's what you were... yeah. He says it jokingly, but still he says, Way to flatter yourself! And this is where girls can't win. Because if we let guys continue to flirt with us and are just polite in return, not wanting to say outright that we have boyfriends because it would seem rude (or something), we've led them on and are, therefore, a tease. But if we tell a guy right off the bat (right after he's just confessed he's wanted to talk to us for a long time) that we're not available, we're conceited.

Next time a guy asks me if I like a class, I'll say, Yeah! But my ex-husband thinks I should drop out of school since I'm pregnant with his baby and all.

Anyway. I'm good at ranting about the annoying stuff. Maybe I should shut up and post pictures from California. I won't post all 150+ photos, but I'll pick the best of the bunch. The whole collection in sequence could be made into a book about a man named John who roams around California because I lingered behind him so much, taking pictures all the while.


  1. There's a flipside to that coin for guys.

    While he gave off what you perceived as nefarious intentions - and from the sound of it, you had all the right to - there's still a chance (albeit a very small one) that he was innocent and platonic in his intentions. [Perhaps his saying he "wanted to talk to you for a long time" was word vomit, and he's just socially awkward when talking to a pretty girl?]

    Just as a girl has to worry about coming off as a tease or conceited, a guy also has to worry about coming off as a player or a creep.

    Appearances and realities never seem to synchronize well.

  2. I absolutely agree with that-- all of the issues girls have with guys are completely shared and reversed FOR the guys. I just wanted to throw my hands up at the time because it seems like you just can't ever win! Y'all male people feel the same way, of course.

    Maybe if he'd come off as socially awkward, like you say, I'd have written it off more. But he was too suave for my liking, and his comment came off as slightly obnoxious. (I don't flatter myself, I'm way too humble and awesome to be like that.) Hah!

  3. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. I want to hug that tree!