Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Save yourselves!

I'm posting this video of George Carlin (below) because it ties in so well with things. My recent post on empathy touched on reasons for Gen Y's self-indulgence, which C.E. Martin posted a comment in response to with some great videos of George Carlin ranting about that very thing.

Then, the other day, McKenzie and I were chatting a little bit about something else I discussed in that post about how people who believe humans are capable of really damaging the earth are somewhat narcissistic to think so.

THEN, last night, John and I were watching one of his DVDs of George Carlin neither of us had seen, and Carlin went on this particular rant that articulates the latter point way better (and funnier) than I could:

The best argument to me is simply the fact that the earth has been in existence billions of years longer than human beings, and we've only been very industrious for the past 200 years. To think a few aluminum cans or plastic bottles could ruin the earth is kind of funny when he puts it that way.

Of course, while I think Carlin's points are right on target (he's got some of the greatest insight and can go on and on about any subject... the funny never stops!), I can't help but think recycling is a good thing. At the very least, we puny humans can try to put off our inevitable extinction.

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  1. So what you're saying to me is that if I should stop worrying about my impending doom? Well how the heck am I supposed to spend my time then? Should I get a hobby or something I mean come ON! Nope, I think your revolutionary and eveolutionary ideas or nonsense. I am just going to keep stressing. I think that makes better sense =)