Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bloggerstock: Potential Postcards

Remember the post I recently wrote about Bloggerstock? Well, the time has come for Bloggerstock members (become a member today!) to reveal our guest bloggers' blogs, so I'd like to introduce you to Elyse, blogger of The Ginge. Elyse is a self-described average Canadian teen who finds it perfectly acceptable for you to e-stalk her, so please feel free to do so. She's got a great thing going with pictures, words-of-the-day, and everyday ramblings, among other things. She's also really nice-- I just noticed on her blog that she has linked to Witty Title Here. (Thanks, Elyse!)

This month's Bloggerstock theme was posed as a question:

 If you could write ONE postcard to any person (living or dead), who would you write to, what would you say, and where would the postcard be from?

You can check my post for this month at Tall Brunette's blog. This chick is "just some girl in the Pacific Northwest with a passion for rain, trees, and plaid." Great stuff over on her page, as well-- I love the theme of the Pacific Northwest. Make sure you read her blog, too. For now, here's Elyse's post. Enjoy!

Who would I write a postcard to? I’ve put quite a bit of thought into this and if I were to write a postcard to anyone, living or dead I would most certainly write one to my great grandmother, who I wish I wrote one to before she passed away. She means a lot to my Mom and that has really affected me, when I was younger my Mother would make me talk to her I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t realize how quickly someone can leave you, I didn’t really think about reality.

With that said, I’d tell her how much my Mom misses her and how dreadfully sorry I am that I never got a chance to meet her, she seemed like a really interesting person as my Mom tells me she was. I would send the postcard from Canterbury, England because that’s the last place that she and my Mother saw each other, it’s also where she (my great grandmother) was born.


Dear Rowena,

Mom really misses you; I wish we could have seen you before you left. You know, you really meant a lot to her… I used to take it for granted that I would be able to see you, and it never actually did happen. Mom wears that snake bracelet that you gave her every day! She loves it so much, I think it's the thought of having a part of you with her. She passed down the one she had before and gave it to me. Except like the clumsy person I am, I broke it. Don’t tell her though… She doesn’t know, yet. I don’t have much more to tell you, as I'm sure you're watching over us from where ever you're located now, so I’m going to explore and take some pictures, Canterbury is beautiful! It’s too bad you weren’t here with me.

Thinking of you,


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