Monday, April 6, 2009

Fatty, Fatty 2x4

Tonight, I had bread for dinner. French toast first, because there was truly nothing else I wanted, and then a regular piece of buttered toast for a nice, balanced sweet-n-salty meal. Nothing else. Just some bread, syrup and butter. Who does that? I keep wondering why I feel so icky, and then I become paranoid thinking I have mono (I share a bathroom with a currently mono-infested friend... help me), but then I keep realizing no, I just had an entire day's worth of carbs in one sitting.

I need to get out of here. I so crave balanced meals. What dining hall serves breakfast all weekend long only to serve "Breakfast at Dinner!" the very next week night? Maybe I would've gotten something else, but the turd-like home fries didn't look so great, either.

On the subject of food and disgusting amounts of it, I was at a Lee's Ice Cream/Fractured Prune Sunday morning, and the One-Pound Milkshake was brought to my attention. Maybe I'm not one to judge (I was in the process of eating my third donut), but, would anyone else agree that, well... that's really gross? Doesn't that make your stomach churn just thinking about it?

Before finishing up at the dining hall, I grabbed a banana for breakfast tomorrow. Sadly, the selection included only misshapen, dented nanners. Why bother?

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  1. Cassie, you're really funny when you write. I mean, I legitimately laugh at what you have to say. You're talented in this writing department and I'm being completely honest. Thank you for the compliments on my page. I'm really enjoying this thing called blogging. I think I managed to change my settings. But I don't even know what it entails to be subscribed to someone's blog in the first place. It took me a minute and I'm still not sure it's even changed. Let me know. :) OH! I found my old poetry notebook and one of our journals from tenth grade. WOW. I will definitely be posting some scanned pages of those. Just for kicks and giggles (and cringes too)...