Friday, April 24, 2009

Towson Gets Its Drunk On

Tomorrow is Tigerfest, which is the coolest (or only cool) thing Towson University does all year. This means that I have to go.

Tigerfest takes place on a large field outside of the university union and consists of live music, food, and-- you guessed it-- drinking, drunk college students. Yaaaay.

I'm sort of excited. But mainly because there's a high of 86 tomorrow, and I'll finally get to wear one of those summer dresses I bought way back over spring break. Really, though, 86 degrees is hot. Combine sweating all over your new dress, not legally being allowed to participate in the beer garden, and your feet occasionally getting stepped on by drunk 'fest-goers, and that can make for just a so-so time.

Still, I'm just glad to have off work for the weekend and have two nights in a row of live music. (I'm going to see Gavin DeGraw on Sunday, too.) The All-American Rejects are the headliners for tomorrow, and while I don't love them, I don't particularly dislike them either. At least I'll be able to sing along to a couple of songs.

I'm thinking that in order to ensure a fun time I will, a) apply sunblock, and b) make regular trips back here to the dorm to maintain a slightly-tipsy state of being (and also to separate myself from the retardation that will surely be taking place).

Pray I find a parking spot and that no one slashes my tires "as a joke."

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  1. First off, the vacuum cleaner? I can't say I remember that photoshoot... I remember the one at your dad's house the day it snowed.... hmmmm

    I hope you haven't already begun your day of drinking copious amounts of booze, seeing how it's only 10 in the morning. I wish you luck in this adventure. Wish I could be there to join in the idiocy that will soon take place. And sunscreen is a good idea. I have a nice farmer's tan (burn) going for me today.

    ps. let's go to RenFest when we can both legally drink. I've always wanted to drink tons of beer and eat turkey wings while wearing historical garb and watching a joust. If only the TigerFest had some of those things to offer. haha

  2. Yes, that was the same photoshoot. For some reason, you and Rachel both thought it would be artsy to put me in a white lab coat, twist my hair into multiple weird buns, and give me the vacuum cleaner. The pictures were not pretty. =P But it was fun!

    And legal drinking at RenFest sounds like a blast. I'm in-- just a year-and-a-half to go for me!