Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Time for Cassie

Spring hasn't sprung, but it is springing, and that makes me happy. Ever since the winter solstice on December 21st, I've been watching the sun stay out later and later. Hardly noticeable for the first month or so, but suddenly one day you realize it's 5 p.m. and it's not pitch black outside! Right now, it's 7:15 p.m. on what was a slightly overcast April day, and the sun is still hanging onto the sky. How lovely.

And even though Maryland has had some back-and-forthness in terms of sunny, warm spring weather, there seems to be some promise. Granted, there's been a fair amount of rain and disappointingly chilly days, but today sure was nice. High of 65, light breeze, and the sun finally pushing through toward the late afternoon. Okay, where has my sarcasm gone?! See what this promise of happiness and joy does to my entertainment value? I better draw the curtains if I want to be a real writer one day.

It's just hard to feel stressed out or snarky when you know pretty soon people will be breaking out the shorts and retiring the campus uniform of North Face jackets, Ugg boots, and Leggings. (You'd think "Leggings" was actually a brand name, too, as I have implied with the capitalization of the "l," based on the way the girls here wear them-- leggings do not substitute for pants!!! Okay, must end the parentheses.) But, really. There's something so liberating about not lugging around the puffy winter coat you've been trying to retire for weeks.

The sun seems to officially be setting over the trees, which all have a hint of green about them. The sky is a purple-blue-pinkish color. Ahh, soakin' it in.

Of course, after this post, I can surely expect a torrential downpour and a high of 30 tomorrow.

Spring flowers!

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  1. No, some sunshine does you some good in a being-sarcastic-about-my-lack-of-sarcasm kind of way. And I remember that picture. Isn't it from 10th grade or something?

  2. Yep, tenth grade. In the same folder on my computer as our winter "photoshoot" with Rachel, the guitar, and the vacuum cleaner...