Thursday, April 30, 2009

For the Sake of Maintaining a Pattern

I've noticed that in February, when I started this blog, I only posted twice. In March, I posted four times. So far this month, I have only posted seven times. It would bug the crap out of me if I didn't post eight, due to the math pattern being created (the number of posts are doubling each month, if you didn't catch on). So, here I am, writing my eighth and final post of April. What better reason to write than for mathematical purposes? Next month, it'll have to be 16 if I want to keep this up. I'm going to have to find some more interesting stuff to write about. Hmm, I'm sensing some OCD tendencies.

This past weekend was a success. Tigerfest was just as I had expected-- that afternoon, as the elevator doors parted for me to step on and make my way to the field where the festivities were occurring, a large pile of pink-orange vomit lay on the floor (and thoughtfully splattered on the walls), nearly causing me to hurl like the undoubtedly intoxicated student before me had done. Instead, I held it in and was perfectly willing to wait for the other elevator.

Seeing as the temperature had surpassed the expected high and made its way into the 90s, I decided maybe it wasn't the best day for donning new dresses. Some friends and I played Frisbee and afterwards headed up the street for Slurpees. We ended up not making it to the festivities till later in the day. Right before the All-American Rejects were supposed to take the stage (and after only one hot dog), they kicked everyone out, thanks to the approaching storm. It seemed like the show might not go on. It was a mob as everyone left the field at once. I tend to hate people in large groups anyway, so this was extra bad. When some random dude grabbed my ass, I lamely shoved him with one hand and kept walking. Tigerfest had quickly taken a turn for the worse.
But, within an hour or so, the storm had passed and everyone was allowed back. The All-American Rejects' set was shortened, but fun nonetheless. There was a nice energy among the crowd, if only because everyone was glad their seven bucks had been worth it.

The next day, I went with Jessica and Justine to see Gavin DeGraw for what was, if I counted correctly, my sixth Gavin show. He played at an intimate venue called the Birchmere just outside of D.C. Honeyhoney, a guy-girl duo from California, opened for Gavin, and they were excellent. She sang lead and alternated between the banjo and violin while he played guitar and the bass drum. Gavin and his new, extremely talented band did not fail to deliver. He played old songs, new songs, and the hits, of course. What he also did that was so great was that he changed up a lot of his songs. Instead of playing "I Don't Want to Be" the same exact way for the millionth time, he gave it a twist, changing the instrumentation. He gave a Bob Marley twist to one of the songs from his last album, and gave the 21-year-old guitarist some nice extended solo time. It was the best Gavin show I've been to yet, and whew baby, they've all been great. More importantly, I finally got to wear one of the dresses.

Now, it's off to pretending to do work and leaving my fresh laundry to wrinkle in the bag. Maybe tomorrow, when it's May, I can get a head start on part one of 16 for the month. Inspire me.

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  1. Well, you say you need inspiration, and these inspired me to be as girly as possible today, so I will share in my findings...

    they're much too expensive, considering I could probably make one of things in my basement in maybe ten minutes, but are so pretty..