Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the Crown Goes to...

This is all I'll say about the American Idol finale.

Seriously!?!? Kris Allen is a nice, cute and very talented guy, but that does not mean he is deserving of the title. Adam Lambert is an all-around star. A "vocal powerhouse," as the judges like to overuse. Even Kris was shocked. He said it himself: "Adam deserves it!" After Seacrest called Kris' name (and my hands flew to my face), I watched Kris' surprised and uncomfortable reaction. He was so NOT excited about it, and for a moment, I thought the show would play out like a dramatic episode of insert-your-show-here and that Ryan would say, "You don't want the title? Alright then, our REAL American Idol, ladies and gentlemen, is ADAM LAMBERT!" Then Kris would graciously bow his head, wave a humble thank-you to the audience, then slink off as the surprised (and crying) Adam took the tiara and flowers. I don't know why the beauty contest-esque description is coming out here, but I really think it has to do with my subconscious memory of some bad TV show.

Of course, Adam won't have any less success because he wasn't "crowned" our newest American Idol. In fact, I think he'll do better. He'll have more creative pull in his future album-making process, and for that reason, it'll be better. And he won't have to record that godawful single, "No Boundaries." He'll have higher album sales. Kris will be a hit in America. Adam will be a hit internationally.

This is all coming from someone who liked Kris very much. He did some great renditions of songs. When he completely changed up Kanye's "Heartless," I was very impressed. He's definitely got the whole package. But he sounds and looks like a lot of male artists out there right now. There's not a whole lot that's unique about him as a singer. Still, I have to give him credit for winning the popularity contest.

Really, though. Does it matter? Not really. So I'll shut up now, and await Adam's (and even Kris') album.

Adam's version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"

A clip of Kris' "Heartless"

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