Monday, May 11, 2009

Onward Bound

Finals week has begun here at school, and instead of panicking, I'm finally able to sit back and relax. Kind of. I still technically have just one week left in this shoebox-shaped room, but otherwise, it's only a couple of tests and then I'm free at last. Justine and I signed the lease for our apartment today, and we'll be renters come July. Despite my readiness for the summer to begin, I know there are aspects of the past couple of on-campus years that I'll really miss.

I'll miss my view, for one thing. Despite the dingy, grey, allergen-ridden curtains that are probably older than I am hanging on the windows, Justine and I have a lovely panoramic view of the union, playing fields, trees and the sky. I typically decide what I'm wearing on any given day by looking out the window and people watching. Even though we're nine floors up, I can often pick out familiar faces during the busier hours of the day. When baseball is in season, I'll occasionally look up from my desk to see a ball flying straight up and down in the air. I also often see helicopters searching for criminals.

I'll also miss being able to yell loud enough for Jessica, next door, to hear (and then sometimes shush) me. At the beginning of the school year, which seems like forever ago now, we were all so excited to be living next to each other and sharing a bathroom. It took awhile for the novelty of walking through the bathroom only to end up in each other's rooms to wear off. Getting that cute shower curtain sure was fun, too. Even now, I'm glad I can belt out my faux American Idol audition (a glass-shattering rendition of Bon Jovi's "Always"... I'm really considering it for next season) and know that I won't have to worry about strangers from next door coming in my room one night and smothering me in my sleep. No, I'll just get a loud "shut the fuck UP" from Jess instead. Yes, I will miss that.

I'll miss Monday lunches at the Glen dining hall because, despite its lack of food with any flavor or appeal, it's the one time during the week when my entire group of friends gets together to eat. We might descend the stairs muttering our complete disdain for the place daily, but we can all agree that the loud, enthusiastic conversations that tend to last forever more than make up for it.

Finally, I'll miss Justine scolding me for not turning on the Christmas lights, interrupting my work-doing (or Facebook browsing) to rattle off everything she's eaten over the course of the day, and making me feel bad by getting all of her school work done days in advance while I procrastinate like it's my job. Of course, she will still do these things when we're in the apartment. The Christmas lights will find their way to our new dwelling and Justine will have to walk five whole feet from her room to mine to recite her To-Do lists.

Likewise, everything else I enjoy now will exist in some form then. We'll have a view of trees and possibly a dumpster, Jessica will be in a nearby building of the same apartment complex so I may bother her when I please, and our group will find a new day to have our weekly meal-- the food will be better, too.

On to the next stage.

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