Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Again

Yesterday, I left the dorms behind for good. I was a very organized, efficient, fast-paced packer and left nothing behind. (Except my Jim Halpert of The Office magnet-- nooooo!) I was ready to get out. Of course, in all my haste, I completely forgot to check out and ended up bringing my dorm key home with me. They charge somewhere between $60 and $80 for missing keys. Whoops. Luckily, I called Housing & Residence Life, and it turns out I can mail it to them to avoid the fee. Let's see if they charge me anyway.

As happy as I am to be done with signing in guests, occasionally having to smuggle alcohol upstairs, and hearing echoey conversations from all the way down the hall, the next month-and-a-half until apartment life isn't looking too thrilling, either. Columbia isn't the most interesting town unless your idea of fun is doing a little shopping at the mall, grabbing dinner at Cheesecake Factory, then catching a $10 movie at AMC. Repeat. Every weekend. Blahhh. That's just my dad's house. My mom's house is technically in Reisterstown, though it's pretty much in the country, just five minutes from Cal Ripken's house. It's pretty, but nothing going on there, either.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy being home with my family. I'm actually quite happy that I can finally spend some extended time with them. Seeing my dad once a month for lunch and my mom twice every weekend for about five minutes while I grab the car and go isn't exactly quality bonding time. But I know when I'm headed out the door at 10 P.M. for whatever reason, I'm going to play 20 Questions about where I'm going and who I'm going with. It's not that they won't let me. It's just that they want to know. Dear Parents: If you're secretly reading this, a) don't tell me, because I will likely discontinue this blog; and b) sorry. But you know it's true.

Luckily, I will have my June online course to keep me occupied. And seeing as my room is a disaster (there are suitcases and boxes covering pretty much every square foot), I'll have a long, continuous cleaning project on my hands, too. Oh, I am missing the summer vacations of elementary school.

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